Meet the Staff

  • Mrs.
    Cindy Hess
    Office Manager

    Cindy has been with Columbia Family Eye Care since it originally opened. Most of the staff believes that she gets specialty treatment due to the fact that she is Dr. Hess's wife...wink wink :) Cindy and Dr. Hess have 2 beautiful daughters and enjoy going to the beach in their free time.

  • Lauren W.
    Optometric Assistant

    Lauren has been working with Columbia Family Eye Care since October 2005.  She has been with us since the very beginning and covers just about everything under the sun, from orders, to helping staff and making every patient's experience the best we can offer. When she is not here with her CFEC family, she is spending time with her husband and daughter.

  • Seymour D.
    Optometric Technician

    Seymour has been with our family since June 2020. Even though he is rather new to CFEC  he loves interacting with patients and making your time with us enjoyable.  He is a dog dad to an adorable Doberman named McKenzie, and enjoys playing video games, cooking and making soap. 

  • Amanda M.

    Amanda joined our family in July 2020. She spends her time in office helping patients pick out frames that not only fit your face but your personality. When she is not at CFEC she spends her time kayaking, hiking and taking photos.  

  • Nikki R.

     Nikki has been working for Columbia family eye care since October 2020. She can be found filling in wherever she is needed and lending a helping hand to both patients and staff. She enjoys going to the beach, traveling to different art museums (pre-covid) and grabbing a late night bite at 24 hour diners. 

  • Patrick B.
    Lab Manager

    Patrick has been with us since September 2020. When in office he spends his time assisting patients and making sure they are at ease during their reexaminations. Outside of work he enjoys playing the bass, playing hockey and spending time with his wife and son. 

  • Hayley L.

    Hayley has been apart of our family since Janurary 2021. She is extremely attentive and responsive to our patient's needs inside and outside the office. While outside the office she likes spending time with her daughter, traveling to the beach whenever she gets a chance and seeing plays in New York. (pre-covid).   

  • Ken N.

    Ken started at Columbia Family Eye Care in Febuary of 2021. He has brought so much knowledge and enthusiasm to our practice since he has been in the Optometry field for the past 5 years. Outside of work Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and trying out new food spots when he can. 

  • Ayeka B.
    Optometric Technician

    Ayeka joined Columbia Family Eye Care in February of 2021.  She spends her time helping patients and making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe while visiting our office. On her time off she enjoys hiking, painting and creating art with family and friends.  

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