Contact Lenses

We are happy to fit our patients with the most up to date contact lenses available. In our inventory we can fit conventional soft and gas permeable contact lenses. We are also able to fit many patients who in the past and present who have been told they can not be fit with contact lenses. We fit patients with astigmatism, need bifocals, keratoconus, and post refractive patients. We have some of the latest technology which assists us in providing our patients with comfortable and crisp vision. Our corneal topographer measures the entire cornea instead of just the very central cornea as the older instruments used to.

Contact Lens Policies

Follow-up Exams

  • We request that after one week you return to the office to allow us to inspect your contact lenses. This ensures the lenses, which we have prescribed, are properly fit and helps to ensure your eyes are not being damaged by the contact lenses.
  • Even with properly fit contact lenses you run the risk of infection, blindness, decreased vision, and scarring.
  • We provide complimentary follow up for 90 days of your initial contact lens exam.
  • We also recommend a follow up at six months. This six-month follow up exam is 25 dollars. Again, this helps us ensure your contact lenses are properly fit and your eyes are not undergoing any undue stress.

General Rules for Contact Lenses

  • We recommend not swimming in your contact lenses. While it may be an inconvenience it is better then going blind. Unfortunately, water may harbor chemicals, bacteria, amoeba and algaecides. Your run the risk of going blind from a terrible infection if you get one of these infections from wearing contact lenses in water.
  • Always insert your contact lenses prior to applying your make up.
  • Contact lenses are a medical device and need to be cared for properly.
  • Before handling your contact lenses ALWAYS wash and thoroughly rinse your hands and dry them using a clean lint-free towel.

Insertion of Contact Lenses

  • Always begin with your right lens so that you will not have to worry about getting the lenses mixed up. Rinse your lens with a rinsing solution. Inspect your lens to be certain it is not inside out.
  • Place the contact lens on the tip of your right index finger and allow it to dehydrate for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Reach over your head and with your left middle finger pin your upper lashes against your eyebrow.
  • Using your right middle finger, pull down on your right lower lid.
  • Place the contact lens directly on the center of your eye.
  • Close your eye and gently press on your upper lid to eliminate any air that may be trapped under the contact lens.

Removal of Soft Contact Lenses

  • With your left hand, pull down on your right lower eyelid.
  • While looking up, slide your contact lens downward using your right index finger and remove contact lens.
  • If that is unsuccessful, then look straight and pinch the contact lens off using the middle finger and thumb.

Removal of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

  • With your right hand, pull the outer corner of your right eye.

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